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Junglebook The World's My Oyster

Kimburu Yangtzekiang

Oyo is from the famous American breeder Junglebook Bengals who are reknown throughout the entire Bengal world for their wonderful type. 


Oys is a mink spotted Bengal, and my frist (counting birth date). Oyo's big, beautiful, dark eyes are some of what I like most about her. Her father is a wonderful sepia male with the name Junglebook Made in the USA, and her mother is a silver mink, Junglebook Powerpurr, who is from one of the best silver Bengals today, Jean Luc (pet name). But I myself will not breed silver Bengals. 


Oyo is born in May 2003 and has been in "quarantene" with a Turkish Van breeder in Netherlands for 6 months before she is allowed to enter Norway. She has lived there together with my Turkish Van female Oureni. Thank you so much  Joyce Ouderkerk who made this possible

Visit Oyo's breeder;


Yang  is born in Norway and moved in with me as a young kitten, 15 weeks old, in that way she is my frist Bengal - even if she is born 3 months later than Oyo. 

Yang has a clear, yellow coat and pitch black spots which gives her extreme contrasts. She has completely spotted hind legs and a very good temperament. Her tummy is light, but not white.

Yang's father, EC, TICA RW Spice Garlic of Kimburu was Cat of the Year 2003. Her mother is a marble, so Yang  carries for this pattern.

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Kimburu - Bengal & Sokoke



Photos and Pedigree - Oyo

Photos and Pedigree - Yang

Vestol Apoka

Apoka is a kitten from my own breeding and my first Bengal litter. She has many good qualities and has gotten some good critics at the shows she has attended. Apoka has superb contrasts and an exciting marble pattern.




Photos and Pedigree - Apoka


Bengaland Bahari

Bahari comes form the Bengaland cattery in USA, maybe not all that known here in Scandinavia, but they are a serious cattery of Bengal cats and have had great shows success in TICA.


Bahari is a kitten I fell in love with as soon as I saw his first photos. From earlier on I liked his mother, CH Bengaland Magnums Passion, a lot. Bahari has great rosettes, a superb coat quality, a good head and body and a unique pedigree (in Scandinavia)


Bahari will be shown at TICA cat shows while he is in the USA and await the alle the paper work to be done in order for him to arrive in Norway.


Visit Bahari's breeder;


Photos and Pedigree - Bahari

Neuter Male

GIP Kimburu Zakros

Zakros is a cat I didn't plan to get. He was allready a neuter when he came to me, and as known a neuter is not the best breeding cat :o)

Zakros ended up at my place as my two females, the Sokoke Chuma and the Bengal Yang, didn't like each other. I thought it a bit sad that they should live by themselves without cat company. Yang's breeder sugested I could try to make Zakros a "buffer" between the two ladies. As the though little guy Zakros is, the managed that task wonderfully!

He an Chuma (who was the source of the problem) are best buddies, they play and rump around like crazy. Yang likes to "tease" her elder half brother, something Zakros finds a OK. This means both of the ladies now have cat companionship and both are more satisfied. Zakros himself is living a happy life here with me.

So now I have a Bengal neuter Show Cat


Visit Zakros' breeder;

Kimburu - Bengal & Sokoke

Photos and Pedigree - Zakros