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My Sokoke female S*Kasafari Chuma cha Suezi will be mated to Don Giovanni di Eporedia I* as soon as possible (spring/summer 2004)

My Bengal females Junglebook The World's My Oyster and Kimburu Yangtzekiang wil be mated sometime during the summer and fall 2004, I'm working on finding these ladies some partners

My Turkish Van female Aghtamar Oureni will be mated some time summer/fall 2004, I'm currently working on finding a partern fro this lady. I wish to use a male that is as unrelated to other Norwegian and Swedish Turkish Vans as I am able to find.



Cat Shows:


Cat shows I plan to attend, here you will be able to meet me and some of my cats:

These are only plans, and plans my change

8th and 9th May on SpeedCat's 2 cert. cat show in Stockholm

22nd and 23rd May on Adelkatten's 2 cert. cat show in Letohallen, Dal (north of Oslo)

12th June on Fossekatta's Cat Show in Hønefoss

13th June on Mjøskatten's Cat Show in Hønefoss