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CH S*Kasafari Chuma cha Suezi

CH Kimburu X-YeyeZindiki

Chuma is my frist  Sokoke female. She is born in May 2003 in the home of Edith and Robert in Sweden. Chuma's parents are both born and raised in Kenya, and Chuma is from their 2nd litter in Europe (their first one was in Denmark) 

Chuma is a big Sokoke female with an excellent coat quality and a very good type. As most Sokokes she is very active, talkative and loves to be petted and be kept company by her human. She also loves other cats' company, though is is a bit picky and chooses not to be nice to every cat. Today her "best buddy" is my Bengal neuter Zakros..

Besøk Chuma's oppdrettere: 



Zindiki is my youngest Sokoke female, she was born 20th February 2004 in Norway's 2nd litter of Sokokes. Her mother is the beautiful Sokoke female EC Furahi Lundborg DK, Cat of the Year #3 2003, and her father is the African CH Genet.

Zindiki is an incredibly beautiful Sokoke lade, very femenin and with a very nice type. She looks a lot like her mother Furahi. She is an active and affectionate cat who coexcists very well with most cats. She loves attention and company of her human and other cats.

Originally Zindiki's breeder were going to keep her herself, but luckily for me she chose to keep her brother.

Besøk Zindiki's oppdretter: 

Kimburu- Bengal & Sokoke


Photos and Pedigree - Chuma

Photos and Pedigree - Zindiki

Vestol Arusha

Arusha is a female who was meant to go to UK, but as there was some knots on the line, she is with me for now. Arusha is sister to my male Adzungwa, and has a litter of 6 kittens right now. Have a look at the kittens page, maybe you'll be charmed by some of Arusha's little ones?


To see Arusha's pedigree, click the link for Adzungwa's page



Don Giovanni di Eporedia I*

Vestol Adzungwa

Gino is a very handsome and pretty male from the "old" Sokoke lines. For a long time he was very shy and didn't want to be petted. Luckily he has reconsidered this and is now a cat that enjoys to be petted by the humans he knows.

Gino was scheduled to go to Sweden, but because of different cicumstances he now comes to me here in Norway instead :o)

He will stay with  me the rest of his live, and I hope he will contine to produce some lovely Sokoke kittens, like has done in Denmark. The first lady for him here in Norway will be my very own Chuma. Gino arrived in Norway at the end of April 2004.

Besøk Gino's tidligere eier:

af Kibutata


Adzungwa is the best looking male from the litter of Gino and Chuma, my first and Norway's 3rd Sokoke litter. He is a handsome young Sokoke male who has become a real STUD. I decided to keep this wonderful male early on and use him in my breeding programme.

Adzungwa hasen't become a father yet, but there are plans to make him a father in 2006


Photos and Pedigree - Gino

Photos and Pedigree - Adzungwa